Clint Stonebraker

Interesting perspective. I had never thought of Jesus in the philosophical context before. Philosophically these are brilliant quotes. Thank you again for the food for thought.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks for your thoughts, Clint. Actually, religion is a philosophy -- not the other way around.

Likewise, Christianity is a philosophy and Jesus Christ, therefore, was one of the greatest, and certainly the most widely known, philosopher to ever live...

Thanks again for the comment...

Max J. Pucher - Chief Architect ISIS Papyrus

Exxuse me, but there isn't any proof that Jesus even existed. So I would put him into the domain of philosophically inspired thought but not into the domain of philosophers.

Religion is not philosophy, but a belief framework. Philosophy asks questions, while most religions provide undisputable answers, with the exception of Zen Buddhism.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


In conventional, academic terms I would agree that Jesus is not considered a philosopher. He is a philosopher to the degree that he used philosophical arguments, as stated on this page, and within Webster's definition of philosopher.

In this regard, I am a philosopher and so are you...

"...philosophy remains latent in every human existence and need not be first added to it from somewhere else." ~ Martin Heidegger

As to the question of Jesus' existence, I would ask for absolute proof of any historical figure's existence. Socrates, for example, never wrote any of his thoughts; he primarily exists only in the writings of Plato.

You sound like a skeptic, which is your choice; but a skeptic may even question existence itself. How do you know, Max J. Pucher, that you exist? How do you know you're not in a dream? One can take skepticism as far as they wish...

The human brain is finite; therefore a "leap of faith," as Kierkegaard said, is required to thinking of the infinite.

"The supreme paradox of all thought is the attempt to discover something that thought cannot think." ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Ron Hochuli

Kent, I enjoyed the quotations given in your blog and would like to find the reference in the Bible for number 1, 2, 4, 5, 7.Would you help me by providing the reference in the Scriptures. Thanks, Ron

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for your comment. I only have the King James version of the Bible and none of these, as you may already know, came from that version.

I wish I had the extra time to accommodate your request but I do not.

In compromise, I am compiling an Ebook of quotations now, and Jesus Christ will be included.

Keep reading my blog and you'll eventually have access to the Ebook, and therefore you will have the references to Bible verses you request.

Thanks again...

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