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February 25, 2010


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thanks for the insightful review :)


Thank you for the review and bringing Ted and Brad Klonz's book to my attention. I wonder if the authors know about the 1998 book: Mind Over Money: Match Your Personality To A Winning Financial Stratgey by John W. Schott, M.D.? So many financial books, so few titles.

At your recommendation, I will be sure and read the Klonz's book.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, Steven.

Yes, I even considered that title for the book I am working on now. I did a brief search and found other titles and sub-titles with "Mind Over Money" included.

The Klontz's book is not completely original but it does an excellent job of leading the reader toward self-awareness and self-knowledge via the recognition of money disorders. Also, the authors do not attempt to suggest any financial strategies -- they focus squarely on psychology.

One other aspect I did not mention in this post is that the Klontz's use dozens of anecdotes from their psychology practice to frame their ideas and to help the reader identify traits and behaviors within themselves.

I believe that the vast majority of human beings living in the Western world have some degree of "money disorder."

Enjoy the book and thanks for reading The Financial Philosopher!


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Jeff from Silver Coast Finest

i just read the reviews on it and i find it interesting it has a good reviews

Intrinsic Value

Thanks for the review Steve,

Similarly I just read a 'End of the Free Market' which examines China's next stage of economic growth and how they are transforming their economic clout into the political arena. Highly recommended.

Book Review: The End of the Free Market

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