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Sheer truth. When looking at beautiful flowers and nature in general I feel thankful.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, Guri, for adding your thoughts...



This is an excellent post. I came here through a post on The Big Picture and needed something like this today. I just dropped $3k to fix our cat's broken leg, and am a little bitter about spending the money. But you're right, things could be much, much worse.

An American Colonial

Some people call this the "attitude of gratitude". It helps them from getting into "stinkin thinkin".

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Good point, Rich. I'm glad the post served you well. I'm sure your good deed will come back to you some way. We have seven cats in our home and I can testify to the "cost" of healthcare! On the same note, my cats have given me much more in non-monetary ways than I can count.

Health and life cannot be replaced by money. Thanks for commenting...

Steve M

I've started discovering something similar to this outlook over the past year or so. I feel as though I already won the lottery by being born to loving, honest parents AND in this country. I agree completely with this post....it helps to tolerate the minor inconveniences we all take so seriously.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Yes, everything is relative and humans are comparing beings. Where, when and to whom one is born is not a choice. Certainly, and in an extreme example, those born into slavery or as a Jew in Nazi Germany were given circumstances much worse than most of us have on a daily basis.

Comparing our given circumstances with others much less fortunate places things into a broader and healthier perspective...

Thanks for the comment...



>>"Know That Things Can Always Be Worse"

Well, this reminds me of something my father once told me. In his workplace, a factory, occasionally a mistake would be made, and someone would shout "How stupid can people be?" and the answer would be shouted back: "There's no limit!"

Another story he told me. Someone had said the following:
"Cheer up, things could get worse.
So I cheered up, and sure enough, things got worse!"

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