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John Cronin

Good list Kent. My top 3 recommendations are:
"The Art of Worldly Wisdom" by Baltasar Gracian, "Enchiridion" by Epictetus, and "Fooled By Randomness" by Nassim Taleb.


I read Gregg Levoy's Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life more than 5 years ago and it still is one of my favorites of all time. A more recent one was 'Survival of the Sickest' by Dr. Sharon Moalem.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, John & Delwyn! I'll certainly check out these books!




This looks like a great reading list Kent. Seeing-as-how I'm an absolute sucker for books and great reading, when my credit card gets home (my fiance has it) I'll discuss it with her and see if I'm allowed to buy them...
We really need to get a book shelf!


I think You do a great job. Thanks

Penny Stocks

Good post.....Valuable information for all.I will recommend my friends to read this for sureā€¦

Dave S

Hey! You want books to read. How about, "A Natural History of Time" by Pascal Richet, or "Bright - Sided" by Barbara Ehrenreich, or the book I am currently reading "Money, Markets and Sovereignty" written by Benn Steil and Manuel Hinds. As far as money goes just remember what Mr. T Williams said, "You can young without money, but you can't be old without money." Money is really important. Just because I have 10 million dollars does NOT mean that anyone else out there is starving!!! The money supply of the planet expands and contracts to cover all conditions that arise. Now, if I just had that ten million!!!! Dave S

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Dave S:

Thanks for the reading recommendations. No matter the age, everyone must decide what amount of money is "enough." Once that is defined, "more" is not a destination but a welcome addition.

Thanks for the comment...


Kevin S

Great list and wonderful blog, thanks. Thomas Stanley (The Millionaire Next Door/The Millionaire Mind) discusses EQ as relevant to success versus IQ which has no correlation. What are your thoughts on Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? Kevin S

Kent @ the Financial Philosopher

Thanks Kevin. I've not read Think and Grow Rich. Like the Zweig book, it may be quite useful, but I usually avoid books that speak to the very human behavior (greed, wanting to be "rich") that the book portends to be illuminate as a weakness.

In other words, why would a book tell readers that the quest for wealth is often a mindless pursuit, yet the book cover attaches to this desire?

Thanks again...


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