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May 14, 2009


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Great post, Kent.

Good to hear your take on this, and I think I would agree with your emphasizing the idea that " buy and hold, properly defined, is not a static, one-size fits all investment strategy -- it is a philosophy".

I have heard a lot (and written a bit) about this theme over the past year. There definitely seems to be some blurring of terms, that's for sure. Just last week I was reading another post along the lines of "value investing is not necessarily the same as 'buy and hold' investing (or vice versa) per se..". Quite often, Buffett and his recent hits in the market creep into the discussion!

One thing I was reminded of while reading this post was a post I did back in Aug. '08 called "Responding to bear market conditions" (you may remember it).


I still remember the reactions this piece provoked. One reader at Seeking Alpha (the article appeared there as well) dismissed the piece saying, "this is a long winded way of saying 'buy and hold' and ignore the market dips" even though the article compared and contrasted two very different market approaches, trading and timing vs. asset allocation and long-term investing program.

That's enough for now, maybe I'll chime in again when others have had a say!

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, David.

As you might imagine, my philosophical mind and soul often loses patience with generalizations, such as "Financial advisers do more harm than good."

The blogoshphere is certainly an environment where the vast majority of participants, bloggers and readers alike, seek only to confirm their own biases.

For example, if they believe we are headed for financial Armageddon, then the blogger or commenter will find all the evidence they need to support their argument, without honestly considering all the evidence that supports the opposite conclusion.

The biggest problem is that there are millions of people forming their own opinions based upon these one-sided arguments.

The best I can do in my little space of the blogosphere is to present thoughts that are not given enough voice amidst the deafening noise.

Thanks for stopping by David...



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