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September 30, 2008


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Thanks for reassuring me on my current market strategy, even if I do feel like a fool for it. ;^)

The Financial Philosopher

You are welcome Donna... I must say that doing these kinds of posts are theraputic for my self as well!

"Patience and fortitude conquer all things." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ari Koinuma

It's hard not to get all the hoopla in our heads, isn't it? Thanks for being a voice of reason.


Jack O

is this just a website of cliches and popular knowledge? imo the title of "financial philosopher" is a little presumptuous for this kind of content isn't it?

The Financial Philosopher

Jack O:

In the spirit of philosophy, I will answer your second question by asking a few of my own:

Why do you believe the blog title, "The Financial Philosopher" to be presumptuous?

Is the blog not aptly titled in your opinion? Explain your answer, if you feel so inclined...

What is your definition of "financial?"

What is your definition of "philosopher?"

Now put the two words together. Is the title still presumptuous in your opinion?

In my mind, a "philosopher" is one who seeks and loves wisdom. I believe we may agree on the definition of "financial."

As for your first question, read my "About" page and you may understand my intentions for this blog a bit better. Here's the link:


Please join in the conversation again. I enjoy answering questions because questions are the essence of philosophy...


Kent, the presumptuous philosopher

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

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