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I am amazed by another post, many thanks Kent.

We try to maintain a similar attitude in my meditation group. Many times newcomers, and myself included, have trouble with maintaining a peace in our minds, and we'd try to force it to happen. Of course such efforts were useless and probably more hurtful than helpful.

However, there's always a question that comes up in this kind of discussion. Our freedom of action seems limited then by our thoughts. Does the freedom you're describing only come through acceptance of ALL that life has to offer? Or is freedom the wrong way to look at this?

John In NY

You can't possibly imagine how I needed to read this today...

Thank you very much - You do such wonderful work here.

The Financial Philosopher


Your answer is actually within your question:

I believe, in the situation you describe, that we are "free" once we accept that we do not need to know the answers to our questions at the given moment. If our "freedom of action seems limited by our thoughts," then we simply accept that there is no "action" that is appropriate at that given moment...

If you are generally speaking of inertia, then I believe that self-awareness is the "remedy," if you will, that is required. Self-awareness will tell you what is causing the inertia, such as social convention, social pressures, media noise, language, self-doubt, or any combination of those.

Sometimes just saying, "I don't know," taking no immediate "action," and being OK with that, is the appropriate "action."

As usual, I will defer to someone else's words to provide clarity:

"Freedom from the desire for an answer is essential to the understanding of a problem." Jiddu Krishnamurti

Thanks, as always, for your thoughts...

On a separate but more personal note, have you graduated yet? If so, congratulations...

I imagine your educational experience has taught you that there is more that you do not know!



The Financial Philosopher


I am happy to have helped in some way. Actually, your comment is exactly what I needed as well so we have helped each other today!




Thanks again, Kent.

And yes, I am graduating very soon, in less than two weeks. I've learned so much about what I actually do not know, quite a humbling experience.


Struggling to understand three different and awful situations that have happened to me of late, I was so grateful for this post, Kent. You're right--going with the natural flow of emotions and circumstances is more comforting than fighting them. And, I can look forward to the highs. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration.


I absolutely love self improvement lol you could probably call me a fanatic, nice info

The Financial Philosopher


It's interesting that you mention "self-improvement." I am currently working on clarifying my thoughts and conclusion that "improving the self" is not possible...

Stay tuned for my reasoning on this conclusion...

Thanks for the comment...


Everything Counts

Inspiring and wonderful post. I agree with all your view point.
To me self awareness and staying motivated throughout the life help us to complete the journey that leads to our goals and dreams.


A wonderful post. "If you are going through hell, keep going." very inspiring.

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