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SH @ Enhance Life

I have read "Managing Oneself" but I am yet to read "Learning Style Survey".

Great article

Jeremy Welch

I am taking some time off from university in part because I became very frustrated with the learning system.

I think a majority of college students have no clue how they learn best. As a result, many are wasting an enormous amount of time.

The Financial Philosopher


I share your frustration. I'm currently in an MBA program. What helps me is that I expect most professors to teach in a style that does not suit my learning style. In such a scenario, I am forced to "teach myself" to some degree...


Managing Oneself is awesome.

"And yet most people-especially most teachers and most organizations concentrate on making in-competent performers into mediocre ones. Energy, resources, and time should go instead to mak-ing a competent person into a star performer."

Wow. How should schools work? Does he have a vision for schools? I would like to read his opinions and solutions.

The Financial Philosopher


I believe Drucker would agree that schools should go far beyond teaching students WHAT to think. They should teach HOW to think and, more importantly, how to "think about thinking."

Self-awareness is critical to success in all aspects of our lives, especially in leadership roles.

I am also convinced that self-awareness would also reduce the rate of teenage suicide, which is why I have stressed the need for more philosophy taught in schools. My post, "Why The World Needs Philosophy," discusses this issue. Here's the URL address:



I too got visual verbal learning style as my result. I guess that's why I never enjoyed school a whole lot. Great post Kent.

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