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This was one of your better posts. Really thought provoking... and inspiring.

The Financial Philosopher

I'm glad to hear it Ron. Above all, I hope to provoke thought...

Thanks for reading!



In my consulting work, I often find companies just want me to hand them a software development plan. They hate it when I actually make them do the work.....

The Financial Philosopher

I can relate, Donna. In my investment advisory work, clients want me to tell them what to do and do it for them. They often ask, "Kent, what would YOU do?" They get a bit confused when I tell them to ask themselves, "What would I do?" I then tell them that, if they don't know the answer to that question, we have more work to do...

Jeremy Welch

Last year, in its entirety, was a lesson in randomness and planning.

I planned to build a small website for a college group with another Duke student, and ended up founding a technology company. I planned to build the company and take time off from school and ended up leaving the company to stay in school. I then planned to finish school and now I am taking a semester off to work.

In each case, my plan DID take into account all of the available data. It did not take into account the fact that the data changes very rapidly and randomness often throws a wrench into the machine.

The Financial Philosopher

Great point, Jeremy. The instant the "plan" is completed, it no longer represents the present and much less the future.

As long as we are on the right path, its direction is not so meaningful. It appears as if you are on the right path and I would add that the "randomness" you mention was integral to placing you where you are now. We should embrace randomness...

It's not wise to make yourself "a leaf in the wind" but is equally unwise to move completely against it...

Thanks for the thoughts...

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