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"Then as it was, then again it will be. Though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea." ~ 10 Years Gone

Though Led Zeppelin is music for a different generation than mine - my father really likes them, this is the quote of my choice. What will be will be.


I got my brother the Mothership CD/DVD set for Christmas. I hope it can help him find his way to his path.

"I am a traveler of both time and space to be where I have been..."

Joe Russo

At the end of some trading days this one might seem appropriate...

Been dazed and confused for so long it's not true. - Led Zeppelin, Dazed And Confused

The Financial Philosopher

Semyhr & Joe:

I agree and can relate...


I actually "won" the Mothership CD/DVD in a raffle at a music store! I haven't watched the DVD yet but the song selection and sequencing on the CD set is superb. As for the "philosophy" aspect, there are no printed lyrics but Plant's delivery and phrasing makes words relatively easy to understand.

Thanks to all for comments...


Led Zeppelin's music, as is clearly evidenced by their enormous and age-varied fan base, belongs to all generations. In fact, they remain the only rock band in history with intensely loyal and knowledgeable fans in massive numbers, ranging in age from early teens to early 70's. The mighty Led Zeppelin, the greatest band in rock history, produced timeless music of such quality and dynamic power that it will be enjoyed and loved long after their youngest fans today have returned to dust.

The Financial Philosopher


I share your passion. Led Zeppelin also covers a broad range of musical styles -- from blues to folk to jazz to heavy metal -- it's all there. Plant's vocals are instantly recognizable; Page's guitar work is innovative and masterful; John Bonham defined rock drums; and John Paul Jones was a silent but integral rhythm master that seamlessly tied Bonham's drums and Page's guitar work together...

I must say, unfortunately, that it is unlikely that we will see another band this great come to be in our lifetime. It's not that there are no bands out there that have the potential -- it's the nature of the music business to "invest" such large sums on promotion (which is necessary) that a meager 200,000 in record sales may not be enough to be "profitable..."

Sadly, if Led Zeppelin were a new band emerging in 2007, they probably would make it as far as their second or third album...

Can you imagine a world without Houses of the Holy or Physical Graffiti?

I could go on...


I disagree. I think Led Zeppelin could still make it today. With the internet and online music, the industry might evolve to where great bands can be discovered without a label.

But, this was a fantastic post. You hit many of the great lyrics.

The Financial Philosopher


Excellent point. I agree that, if Led Zeppelin were just starting today, they could succeed without the backing of a record label. The band's creativity and innovation could translate to success without "the machine;" however, the odds are much lower...

I suspect there are already bands out there that have the potential to be another "Led Zeppelin." Unfortunately, the path is more difficult without major finanancing and worldwide distribution that labels can provide.

I remain hopeful to see bands find major exposure and top-selling records without label support. It just has not happened yet...


i don't think the kids of today have the vision of yesterday

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