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I enjoyed reading this post and have commented on my own blogsite http://canadianfinancialdiy.blogspot.com/, where I concocted my own definition of reitrement.

I've read a few others of your posts and find them of value too, so I'm also adding your blog to my favorite blog listing.


I like very much your definition of retirement.
I came up 2 weeks ago with something similar. Why people think about retirement instead of keep doing (working) what they really like and enjoy.


Retirement can be so complicated. There is never a better time to start planning than now. Especially with the younger generation. sister in-law is 20, lives at home is unemployed and thinks nothing of buying a $25,000. car. It's hard to convince a generation that feels invincible to think more than a few minutes into the future. Fortunately we all start thinking about it one day and whenever you get started it’s an uphill battle.


I'm not going to try and define retirement, as it's completely irrelevant to my life. Instead, I plan for "the future," which contains who knows what. A long and vigorous life? years of ill health? a sudden death at 45? Since any of these or others could happen, I do my best to live my life now while also saving for later, just in case.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


It sounds as if you are simply refusing to be defined by retirement, as a conventional means of planning, rather than refusing to form a definition of it.

Perhaps your definition of retirement, if you chose to make one, would be, as you said, "to live my life now while also saving for later, just in case."

On a similar note, and agreeing with you, I am not a fan of conventional planning. Life changes with every moment and a static plan does nothing but provide something of an illusion about the future.

Like you, I like to live now, while being careful not to rob from my future.

On another note, my philosophies about retirement (and life) have even evolved somewhat since I originally wrote this post in 2007, just 2.5 years from the writing of this comment...

Alley Hastings

"To do what I want, when I want... within reason."

this is new and strong! I like it!

for me retirement is spending more time for myself and family and something like do thing when I want it. :)

thanks a lot!


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