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"The greatest thing you can do is surprise yourself."

I liked this one. Let's try to do it this weekend :)

The Financial Philosopher


I agree but, even better, let's try to do it every day!

Thanks for the comment and have a great weekend!

Swim Upstream to Wealth

I think he hit a current American desire of getting a week's pay for a day's work. Lots of folks look for the easy way to wealth. It is easier to get rich slowly than quickly.

The Financial Philosopher

Swim Upstream to Wealth:

There is something about the truth that makes it even more funny. I agree that it is easier to "get rich slowly" than quickly -- but only if you are speaking in the conventional sense.

The quickest way to get rich is actually to define what "rich" means. If we are wise, we will understand that we are already "rich" and the pursuit to "get rich slowly" in the monetary sense is given a different meaning as well...

supra shoes

Truth is the torch, but also a huge torch. Therefore, we want to go over his eyes, or even worried about being burned.

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