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Good post, Kent.

I think you've taken a look at the meeting points of some prominent social and financial trends, traced them back to their root causes, and summed it all up nicely.

I wonder how many people believe the politicians who claim that only "greedy Wall Street" is to blame for the subprime fallout.

The Financial Philosopher

Any independent thinker will not believe anything politicians say. Personally, I believe "Wall Street" is a facilitator of greed as a collective whole. As always, there are some (but not many) who are driven by things other than money...

Thanks for the comment...


Hi Kent,
I am a retired fee based adviser from UK.

Nice piece.

Do you have the same problem that i had, in getting your clients to understand fear and greed, rather than exploiting it as most advisers do?

The Financial Philosopher


Yes. I feel that my first responsibility is protecting the client from themselves...

Thanks for the comment...


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