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I once saw an entry on Wikipedia that said, ""A number of researchers have investigated motivation in virtual communities. Studies show that over the long term
users gain a greater insight into the material that is being discussed and a sense of connection to the world at large." I certainly have increased my knowledge by reading all sorts of blogs and financial information sources on the internet.

The Financial Philosopher

I firmly believe that, at a minimum, a "weak form" of efficiency exists in the markets that is increasingly minimizing the competitive edge of traders. I find it difficult to argue that the mass aggregation of information by bloggers are not contributing to that efficiency.

Thanks for the comment...

Michael D

While blogger’s and operators of the web 2.0 have the power to emerge as the leader in the dissemination of financial information, my anecdotal evidence suggests the web 2.0 has just barely begun to lend any increased efficiency to the financial markets. Search on Wikipedia for some Financial Information and then a topic like Search Engine Optimization, your will see the later is much more developed.
The reality is that with the exception of some niche academic circles, the web 2.0 despite is democratic nature, is being steered by those with the most economic incentive. Google and other have only compounded this problem by favoring older, larger sites and monetizing poor quality sites with there adsence program.


there's a nice new social network i joined today called www.tradersnews.co.uk for financial market professionals to exchange news


Hi Kent,

I thought you might be interested in this if you haven't read it yet: http://streetfightingyears.org/2011/07/28/robespierre-the-political-philosophy-of-terror/


oops, didn't check the date on my link, 2008...sorry

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